Summer Service Training

The Summer Service Training (SST) is a twenty day program for youth ages 14 to 18.
This intensive spiritual “boot camp” is designed to lay a foundation which will equip young people to make a dynamic difference in their world. In these twenty days, students will learn to know God in a deep way that will change their lives forever. The SST program emphasizes heart transformation and character development as students take a journey to discover the heart of God and learn His ways. The heart of this course is to know God personally and intimately and then to make Him known.
The SST will kindle the flame for God you already have, and send you off to spread the fire!

Lecture Phase

The lecture phase consists of 10 days of classroom teaching and community living where we welcome a different speaker each day. There are school staff who walk with you, invest in you, and help guide you. In addition to classroom learning, you and your classmates will be provided with a wide range of activities. This will allow you to demonstrate and experience the love of God as you discover your place in His Kingdom.

Typical Topics

– Character & Nature of God
– Relationships
– World Missions
– Identity in  Christ
– Intercession
– Worship
– Father Heart of God
– Idolatry


Following our lecture phase is a 10-day field assignment. Students and staff will be sent out to apply the principles learned in the classroom during a cross-cultural service experience.  We want to give you the opportunity to bring the Kingdom of God to earth in a practical way.


2019 | January 4


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