School of Frontier Missions

CHR 235

Do you have a passion sharing the Gospel with people who have never heard about Jesus? Do you want to go where the Good News has not yet reached? Do you want to get involved in bringing God’s Kingdom outside your own context and comfort zone?

The School of Frontier Missions is a specialized missionary training program designed to prepare YWAMers to take the gospel to people groups where the it has not yet reached. It has a specific focus on creating disciple making movement about unreached peoples. The school consists of two phases, a three-month theoretical phase and a practical phase that can be extended up to 2 years or more. During the theoretical phase we will help you develop your own personal plan for ministry in an unreached people group which will be completed once the lecture phase is finished.

1. Theoretical Phase

This phase is a 12-week intensive training where you will be taught how to effectively serve in a frontier missions environment. Its focus is on those less reached people groups among the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Tribal Ethnicities. Here we will give you tools to do effective, integral work among these peoples, built on the foundation of strong and growing relationship with the Lord. 

This training includes topics such as: the acquisition of a second language and culture, biblical bases of missions, church planting, missionary strategies, teamwork, raising of financial support, and pastoral care, among others.

In addition, this school is lead by leaders and staff who together have more than 30 years of experience working among unreached peoples in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. As well, all the teachers who will be sharing have extensive experience in the mission field. This is a big advantage because the teaching you are going to receive is not based on theory alone but on real life work in the mission field.

2. Practical Phase

In this phase you will carry out the ministry project developed during your lecture phase. The length and location of the outreach will be determined according to your own ministry vision.

School Details:

This school is a joint effort between YWAM Diramba, Nicaragua and YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Start date: September 30, 2019
  • End Date of the Lecture phase: December 20th
  • Location: Diriamba, Nicaragua
  • This is a Bilingual Course offered in Spanish and English


School of Frontier Missions

U of N CHR 235

When: September 30th 2019

Where: YWAM Diriamba, Nicaragua

How much: For North Americans, Europe, Australia

$1500 USD


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2019 | September


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Category A

This is the price for students applying from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
***Price updated for schools starting in April 2018***

$1500 USD
Category B

This is the price for students applying from Mexico, Central America, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.
***Price updated for schools starting in April 2018***

$900 USD
Category C

This is the price for students from certain parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central America.
***Price updated for schools starting in April 2018***

$600 USD

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