Islamic Studies Seminar

The Islamic Studies Seminar is a six week program designed for those interested in learning about the religion of Islam or serving among Muslim people groups. During this seminar, students will gain a deeper understanding of the culture and religion of Islam as well as discover God’s heart for the Muslim people.

Typical Topics

– The history and expansion of Islam
– Fundamental Islamic beliefs
– The culture and practices of Islam
– Exploring creative communication methods
– Contextualizing the Message
– Developing a strategy to live and minister in an Islamic context

Field Assignment

There is no required field assignment for this course.


2019 | TBA


You don’t need any experience before doing this Seminar
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Category A

This is the price for students applying from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Category B

This is the price for students applying from Mexico, Central America, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Category C

This is the price for students from certain parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central America.


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