Homes of Hope Team

The Homes of Hope Ministry (HoH) seeks to provide a home to families who do not have the resources necessary to build their own. We help meet people’s basic needs, thus enabling them to lead productive lives. Entire families and communities can be discipled as we work alongside local churches and leaders.
Having a safe and healthy home is more than having a roof over one’s head because it impacts family’s economy, education for the children, health, social and emotional wellness, and spiritual being.

Building a Home is an amazing experience to bring your family, congregation or co-workers closer by sharing a weekend together making a difference in the lives of a family. Bring a group of employees from your company, your small group or bring a group of families from your church… and build a home for a needy family in Costa Rica.

You bring the labor, we’ll bring everything else.

  • fantastic team-building event.
  • “hands on” participation – more than just writing a check, you actually build the home!
  • live out your values.
  • Create a sense of team work and unity
  • Become more aware and informed of the conditions/needs outside your ‘world’

Each home build takes two full working days or a total of 16 hours. It takes approximately 15 people (ages 15 and older) to build a house. Family teams with children 14 and under can be larger going up to 25 total in size.

Are you ready to start the adventure?

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