Community Development School

The Community Development School (CDS) is designed for those who want to see lasting change in the lives of individuals, communities and nations through discipleship. The heart of the CDS is to see God bring renewal and healing at a foundational level to individuals and communities through the understanding of a Biblical worldview. If you want to make a lasting impact in a particular community or culture, this is the school for you!

Lecture Phase

The CDS consists of a three-month lecture phase where students will receive from various teachers and complete homework assignments. The Community Development School provides an overview of the issues involved in helping communities be transformed towards God’s intentions. Students will be equipped with tools and principles for both urban and rural community development. The school maintains a wholistic perspective for change that focuses on furthering the Kingdom of God in individuals and communities through evangelism, training, mercy ministries and development tools.


There is not a required outreach for this school, but is sometimes offered. The students and staff will pray together and follow as they are led.


2017 | September 22
2018 | December 21


DTS Completed
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Category A

This is the price for students applying from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Category B

This is the price for students applying from Mexico, Central America, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Category C

This is the price for students from certain parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central America.


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