The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5 month training course that equips young people from all over the world to Know God, and to make Him known throughout the nations. The course is divided into 2 separate phases: 12 weeks of Lecture Phase where speakers from all over the world come to give classes on various topics about God and who He is, and 8 weeks of Outreach Phase, where students take what they have learned and apply it in an evangelistic/service missions trip abroad.

The creative arts focus will be intentionally integrated alongside the classic DTS curriculum. Students will be guided to discover God’s creative heart and learn about the important role art has in the Kingdom of God, as well as explore their own creative expression. During Lecture Phase, students will be able to explore various artistic disciplines such as music, creative writing, dance and fine arts through practical workshops. For their Outreach Phase, students will use the creative work they have prepared and skills they have acquired during Lecture Phase, to share the love of Christ cross-culturally.

Lecture Phase

The 12 week lecture phase consists of classroom teaching, arts-focused workshops, practical service on and off campus, and community living. Each week will include class lectures, worship and prayer times, small groups, local outreaches, serving on campus, creative workshops and much more!

Typical DTS Topics

Class Topics will include titles such as Biblical Worldview, Hearing God’s voice, Inductive Bible Study, Relationships & Sexuality, Reaching the Lost, Identity in Christ, and more…

Art Workshops will include Music, Creative Writing, Dance, and Fine Arts. During the workshops we will touch on topics such as Art and the Bible, The Heart of the Artist, Prophetic and Priestly Art, Worship through Art, Art and Communicating the Gospel, etc.

Outreach Phase

Following the Lecture Phase is our 8 week outreach. The first two weeks of the Outreach Phase will be spent serving in Costa Rica and the final 6 weeks will be spent serving abroad in another nation. During Outreach, students will serve practically using the tools, knowledge and experience they have gained during Lecture Phase to serve and share abroad. In previous outreaches, we have sent teams throughout Central America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.


2019 | July 5th – November 23rd


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Category A

This is the price for students applying from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
***Price updated for schools starting in April 2018***

$2,600 USD
Category B

This is the price for students applying from Mexico, Central America, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.
***Price updated for schools starting in April 2018***

$1,800 USD
Category C

This is the price for students from certain parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central America.
***Price updated for schools starting in April 2018***


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