10 Reasons to do your DTS at YWAM San José, Costa Rica

1. Discover your purpose, find your passion, and be completely ruined for the ordinary. DTS is a time where you leave everything behind to go deep with God and allow Him to reveal what’s deep in your heart, the things He has placed inside of you and created you for! Do all of this alongside a loving community with people who will probably become your best friends for the rest of your life.

2. Learn Spanish and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture. Our community is completely bilingual (All courses are in English and Spanish). Students say God uses a different language to grow your relationship with Him in ways that you never thought you could!

3. Multicultural, multigenerational community life. Our warm, friendly culture makes the base a super welcoming and fun place to grow.

4. The crazy beauty of this place! This tropical country is home to the greatest density of species in the world.

5. Transform lives with ministries like Homes of Hope and Hope Sports.

6. Hike volcanoes and waterfalls nearby for a fun adventure, or some peace and quiet!

7. Drink way too much of the world’s best coffee, every day.

8. Find yourself sharing Jesus in a place like this on outreach.

9. Visit the beach, rainforest, or cloudforest on weekends. Hang with the sloths, fly through zip-lines with the monkeys, and get baptized in the crashing ocean waves.

10. Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Latin America. In fact, Costa Rica eradicated their Army in 1948 and the people pride themselves on being a Nation of peace.

“Click here to find out more about DTS at YWAM San José!

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