YWAM San José Discipleship Training School

Groundbreakers DTS

The Groundbreakers DTS exists to educate students about the unreached and unengaged people in the world, and to help equip them to become groundbreakers – people who will use their faith and their giftings to make Jesus known in the furthest corners of the earth.

Typical DTS Topics

Character & Nature of God, Biblical Worldview, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships, World Missions, and Identity in Christ.

Ground Breakers DTS YWAM SJ

Lecture Phase

The lecture phase consists of 12 weeks of classroom teaching and community life as a team. It includes class, worship, intercession for nations at social risk, local outreach, grassroots service and life with our incredible community of YWAM San Jose.

Do you have what it takes to be a GROUNDBREAKER? We will discover several strategies to reach groups of unreached people as we learn how to know God and make him known through short and long term missions, expanding the Kingdom to all corners of the earth.


After the lecture phase, there is a 12-week outreach. Teams will be sent to apply the principles learned in the classroom to an intercultural experience and to serve others at social risk in various ways, such as serving among refugees and impoverished populations. We want to give you the opportunity to bring the Kingdom to earth in a practical way. The outreach will take place in a specific location with unreached people, refugees and families. We know that God has called us out to the nations, so He will guide us. The outreach cost will be between $ 2800- $ 3500, as we will travel far to an unreached location.


2021 | January 8th – June 19th


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