Dance Seminar


Intensive dance training with Biblical foundations

Dance Seminar

The dance seminar is a 6-week dance training intensive with Biblical foundations. The heart of the dance seminar is to train up believing dancers to be relevant leaders in their church, dance academy, or professional company. Students will gain a deeper understanding of God’s heart for the arts and the artist. They will explore the role of the christian artist in culture and discover how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through their lives and work. The seminar consists of worship, intercessory prayer, Bible study, and spiritual topic classes as well as technical classes in classical ballet, contemporary and modern dance. Students will also participate in learning choreography for their final week of performances and graduation.

Dance Study Seminar

Course Elements

Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Art and the Bible, Priestly Dance, Dance in Worship, The Heart of the Artist, Dance and Social Justice, Dance in Missions, Dance and Biblical Worldview, Dance and Spiritual Warfare, and much more.

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